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KR Watson wrote a poem about her new puppy, Gabrielle (from Manor House Cavaliers), for an English class during her first semester at TCU. Her professor, Cynthia Shearer, loved the whimsical poem so much that she encouraged KR to publish the stories. In the series, KR is depicted as a little girl named Mel (her real-life family nickname), even though she met Gabby when she was much older. In fact, Gabby was KR’s high school graduation present. The original poem has not yet been published, but Little Gabby Meets Her New Family is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other popular book vendors.

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Little Gabby Meets her New Family

In the first installment of the series, readers are introduced to the precocious puppy as she works through her first of many problems: moving households.

  • ISBN-13: 9781438917672
  • Publication date: 10/24/2008
  • Pages: 44
  • Product dimensions: 0.11 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 8.50 (d)


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Little Gabby Befriends Lucas Finnegan
Here Gabby is delighted with her new brother but he does not exactly feel the same way. Will Gabby ever win him over?

Little Gabby Meets Miss Morgan
The terms have changed and now Gabby is the hesitant one in starting a friendship! Morgan, a rambunctious Australian Shepherd mix, may be a bit too much for Gabby to handle.

Little Gabby’s First Walk
Gabby loves to frolic in the yard with Mel and other admirers watching, but how will she like being on a leash and going where Mel wants her to?

Little Gabby Falls Overboard!
Gabby gets into even more trouble on the high seas (or rather, a lake) than she does on dry land!

Little Gabby’s Disturbed Nap
After a typical busy day, Gabby drifts off to sleep only to be disturbed by an intruder in her house!

Little Gabby’s First Snow Day
When Mel takes Luke and Gabby on a walk in the first snowy day of winter, Luke gets more than he bargains for! Will Gabby be able to help him?

Ode to Little Gabby
Written from Mel’s perspective, this charming poem was the first Little Gabby book ever written.