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My ruby cavalier, Belle, is a therapy dog.  We visit many places, including our local library.  I have been looking for perfect books for children to read (especially about cavaliers).  Gabby is just perfect!  I’m so glad I found your books!  I am also using Little Gabby in my Reading Educational Assistance Dogs  (R.E.A.D.) at my local library! Belle has a new sister!  Jewel is a tri and is rescued/adopted as is Belle.  Your can visit Belle’s website at to read more about her!



Cindi kline

This book is beautifully illustrated and a fun read – for both young and old readers alike! You and your child will fall in love with Little Gabby quickly and be eager to follow her adventures!

If you get a chance, go to one of her ‘meet the author’ events where you can meet Ms. Watson and (even better) love on Little Gabby herself!


Hi Katie, I tried to email you from the website but it got returned to me. My little girl got the book for xmas, she’s over the moon with it! We’ve read it every night and even my three cav’s sit and listen in to Gabby’s adventures. Can’t wait for the next one!! Will try again to email you a picture of my three to add to your Canine Fans.



The little girl I bought your book for was delighted with it and chose it to take to Church today (they all take a fav present to show everyone during the service) and she has decided to take it to school with her tomorrow to show her teacher

Luv Jenny x


Hi Katie-Rose,

We live in the UK and have recently bought your book ‘Little Gabby Meets Her New Family’.  What a lovely book it is :o)

Thought you might like this photo of our Daughter, Elli-May (aged 6), to add to your Little Gabby fan slideshow on your website!  Elli-May loves her new book, as do our Cavaliers; Izzi and Harry as you can see! She’s very taken with it.  I caught her reading it to Izzi and Harry too (our Cavaliers)!!

Best wishes,



Review found on (German verison)

Dieses Buch ist sehr kindergerecht geschrieben, vor allem die schönen Bilder auf jeder Seite veranschaulichen die ganze Geschichte über die kleine Gabby und ihre neue Besitzerin.

Meiner Meinung nach ist es ein optimales Buch, um Kindern die englische Sprache näher zu bringen.

Die kurzen, gereimten Sätze sind leicht zu verstehen und die passenden Bilder dazu geben die Handlung wieder, sodass jeder schnell Zusammenhänge knüpfen kann.

Inhaltlich handelt es sich um eine sehr schöne Geschichte die nicht nur Kinder, sondern auch Hundeliebhaber begeistern wird.

… which translates to:

This book is written in a child-friendly style, mostly due to the beautiful pictures on every page which illustrate the entire history of little Gabby and her new owner. In my opinion, it is an optimal book in order to bring the English language closer to [German] children. The short sentences are easy to understand and the relevant pictures show the action, so that children can easily make connections between the words and a story. Content-wise  it does not only concern a beautiful story not only for children, but also for dog-lovers.



Just trying to send the picture of my fur-babies again. Hope it works this time. Keep up the fabulous writing, can’t wait for the next book to be available in the UK. My daughter is desperate for it!

Best Wishes,

Nicki Kelly



Myself and my mum both have cav’s and so excited that there is a book about them.

I would love you to put up some pictures of my girls. Will email you.

Thanks again and hope you sell millions on books :)



Hello KR,

MY! So much talent exists here. You are so young to be an author, are you also the illustrator of your books?



Its wonderful to have someone so young, so talented, on the group and I look forward to hearing more from you. I will place an order for your book today. Perhaps you can send me an email, then I can print it out and stick it at the front of Heathers book, that would delight her so much. I know that she would be so thrilled that she will be showing it to all her friends and they too will want their copy of your book. Sales should be up after Christmas LOL Who knows you may be visiting UK sooner than you think!

I wish you well with your books, what a wonderful idea to write about our beloved Cavalier




Review found on amazon:

This book would be an excellent addition to any young reader’s library. With its sing-song rhyme scheme and its detailed illustrations, Little Gabby Meets Her New Family is sure to have the little ones wanting to read it again and again. Such a cute book-good for girls as well as boys.


Our therapy dogs are trained to be “excellent listeners” and assist children with reading in schools and libraries in the Corridor area of Cedar Rapids, IA. We also visit care centers, hospitals, hospice and other facilities. And both of my therapy dogs are Cavies – Jesse (a Blenheim) Stella (a Ruby). I hunted for Cavie books when we began our career in ’09. So happy to find your adorable books! (Janet)

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